Score, Prescreen, Monitor and Analyze

In this volatile economy, managing risk is essential to limiting profit loss. Be proactive in managing your customers by identifying delinquencies, liens and bankruptcy filings in a timely manner. Obtain scores that can help determine your most valued customers and provide them with the best offers to retain their loyalty. Experian® offers an array of risk-management tools and also has extensive experience managing data breaches.

Verify Applicants and Customers

Prevent fraudulent transactions from occurring by authenticating customer identity with application screening and credit card verification tools. Experian also has applications that authenticate business customers and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Minimize Risk

Receive alerts on derogatory information such as liens, bankruptcy, late payments, charge-offs and changes in public records. By identifying potential risk immediately, you’ll be able to create an account strategy and avert loss. Furthermore, by identifying credit customers who are shopping for credit elsewhere, you can take action quickly to retain their business.

Manage Portfolio Risk

Predictive scoring ensures consistent, reliable decisioning. Custom scoring models not only let you mine your portfolio for revenue opportunities, they speed up application processing, help lessors predict risk and enhance collection strategies by identifying accounts with the greatest recovery potential.

Featured Credit Product

Identify Profitable Accounts with Quest

Increase revenue by making the right offers and credit line increases. Quest identifies your most profitable accounts and determines the ideal offer for maximum risk/reward ratio.

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